Zoot Suit Riot Essay Essay On My First Experience Of An For A

Many of the Mexican American that wore these zoot suits were part of gangs and that caused a lot of tension with Americans.Many of the sailors and marines raided Chicanos gatherings and attacked the zoot suiters and stripped them of their clothes.El Pachuco realizes that the 38th Street gang does not look up to standards, “look at your gang, they do look like mobsters” (Valdez).El Pachuco is clearly indignant towards the way in which the court mistreats the Zoot Suiters as seen by the way he stands angrily behind the gang and recognizes the intolerance of the court and judge.They were known as Wolfe,"Minority, Racial, and Ethnic Groups" by Richard T.Schaefer, "Across Third Avenue: Freedom" by Humberto Cintron , and "Zoot Suit Riots" by Alberto Camarillo.

These plays are great reads and can show people who aren't aware of the issue just how tough it has been for Mexican-Americans and African-Americans.

The US home front had a very hard time following the Charter, these were caused by the internment camps that violate the charter by relocating people, the zoot suit riots by latinos wearing excessive clothing, and the four freedoms that did not advance the US social welfare.

The United States followed the Americans, minorities, and many Anglos were wearing the new trend for them witch was the zoot suit.

When this is proposed El Pachuco says, “ready for the verdict now ese?

” and begins to play the piano as the suspects stand... How do past events differently affect characters’ thoughts, actions, or attitudes across these texts?

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