Yellow Writing Paper

In the early 1900's, it seems, a Baltimore printer and supplier for law firms asked for a legal-length pad that wouldn't come apart. Heffner, who favors the 8 1/2-by-11 3/4 variety (they fit better in his file cabinet), and who ''can't create on a machine,'' says: '' When you look at a pad of yellow paper, the juices flow.Yellow would stand out in a pile of white, and a left-side margin would allow for scribbling. I squeeze a little word in here, a little word in there.According to the Bureau of the Census, nearly 369 million were made last year, if you count all sizes and varieties.

This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.

('' I would fire anyone who used one,'' warns Herman H. A Trend Toward Shorter Pads Amid a nationwide trend toward letter-size documents instead of the long ones, letter-size yellow pads (11 3/4 inches with the binding) are selling ever better than the long, manufacturers say.

Tarnow, a Manhattan lawyer.) Nonperforated versions abound (staple them, advises Mr. Ampad, the Holyoke, Mass.-based company that makes the most legal pads in the country (but won't say how many), also made the first, according to Jerre Hoffman, an Ampad vice president.

I use fine point fountain pens, and they glide across this paper in a really pleasing way.

I actually like it a little better than I do Rhodia, because I feel like I get a little more feedback from this paper.

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