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The admissions team would like to see applicants engage with our community as much as possible at each stage in the application process – not because we are evaluating candidates based on their level of engagement – but because this will allow the applicant to decide whether our program is truly the right fit for them.

We offer many ways for applicants to connect with current students, alumni and faculty as well as admissions staff – from in-person events around the world, online events and campus visits, to our admissions ambassadors (current students who are available to answer questions from prospective students).

We encourage applicants to come prepared with intelligent questions – not something they could simply learn from the school’s website.

Remember that you should be evaluating the school, just as much as the school is evaluating you.

Yale’s MBA program aims to be multidisciplinary in its approach and runs on an ‘integrative curriculum’ – a curriculum that has been tweaked- on the basis of student and alumni feedback – as recently as this year.

If your interest in applying to Yale SOM has been piqued, you might find it useful to know that the school advises you not to get too tied up with acceptance rates or notions of what you expect its perfect applicant to be like, but to concentrate on putting across your application in an honest manner, complete with details of genuine passions and interests - regardless of whether or not you think these might be rare or commonplace in the applicant pool.

Applicants must also fill out the online application form (which includes an essay), provide transcripts from every college or university attended, submit two professional recommendations, complete the video questions and pay the application fee.

The application process has slight variations for Silver Scholars (a way for a handful of college seniors to progress directly to an MBA and to then graduate in three years), Consortium applicants (those who apply via the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management – an alliance that tasks itself with addressing the underrepresentation of minority groups in US business education), joint degree applicants, and re-applicants. Prospective students may view our class profile to see the median GMAT and middle 80% GMAT range for our most recent class.

It’s ok to check with our admissions team if you are unsure whether a recommender is a good choice.At Yale SOM, we offer three rounds of application – September, January and April.To apply to the MBA program, applicants must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited US institution, or the international equivalent, and must have taken either the GMAT or the GRE.There are certain scenarios where a current supervisor isn’t a good choice, such as a recent change in supervisor, a current supervisor who is also a relative (as in a family-owned small business, for example) or a current supervisor who hasn’t been informed of the applicant’s plans to leave for business school.In that case, a prior supervisor, another supervising individual within the organization, client, supplier or other objective third party could be a good choice.Melissa Fogerty, Yale SOM’s deputy director of admissions explains further in the following Q&A: Last year’s acceptance rate to the Yale SOM MBA program was 21%.Selectivity will vary slightly depending on the application volume in a given year, so the admissions committee encourages candidates to focus on presenting their strongest possible individual application, which they can control, rather than becoming too preoccupied with the overall rate of acceptance, which is outside of their control.The business school of the prestigious Ivy League university, Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) has grown in its reputation as one of the leading providers of an MBA in the US since the degree was first offered by the school as recently (in US terms) as 1999.In the 2014/15 edition of QS’s regional MBA rankings, Yale SOM sits just outside the top 10 for North America, having risen from 17th position the year prior.It’s important to tailor the essay to the school to which an applicant is applying, rather than trying to fit one essay into each school’s application.The admissions committee is very careful to ask a question to which we are interested in reading an applicant’s response, so it is important to answer our question directly.

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