Www.Assignment.Net Practice Case Studies For Abnormal Psychology

Asked for assignment help, paid them and they delivered completely random work. These Indian scammers have multiple websites and they deceive students. Do not trust this company and as a matter of fact do not trust any company that has assignmenthelp as a domain name as all of them are run by the same Indian Scammers.


I would not recommend any student to use this site and play with there career. I should check the online review before pay them 0. They also refused to refund, although they promised to refund if you didn't past when you first contact them.

I found out the hard way by spending 100s of dollars Its a fake Indian site which exploits students all over world..hire undergraduates n ask them to do these assignments by the names of fake professors like mark jane etc.

assignmenthelp.net, a perfect educational site When I heard about this educational site, I got excited because I finally had someone who is all time available to solve my problems.

Though it sounds quite confusing and unbelievable, but yet this is true in all the respect.

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