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Universities run research programmes in order to improve their rankings in the race created by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) after 2002, whereby ranking is based on how many research publications a university has to its credit, forcing them to become paper producing factories.

Each year, in a bid to come out on top for number of publications, subject-based entry tests are conducted by many public universities for the enrollment of researchers into MPhil and Ph D degree programmes.

The research is then conducted based on the approved proposal and a document is prepared discussing the outcomes.

The scholar is then required to present the findings – first, in a number of seminars, and then before a committee of two external examiners for a final It is a type of undocumented agreement between the professor and the scholar in terms of how much the student is willing to pay – or reward the professor with non-monetary benefits – to get through the research process with minimal effort.

It provides a free, single-entry access point to view the manuscript of research executed, and distribute this information as widely as possible. More » Learn how to cite resources and quote references Citation, bibliography or references are mandatory part of a research work.

Search Pakistan Research Repository Know everything about Plagiarism The resources in this section will provide an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to know everything about plagiarism. These things are one of major requirements for a research work.

The process of conducting research for Ph D scholars in most public sector universities begins by choosing an area of study which interests the researcher or a problem which merits investigation.

Another chunk of students consists of those who are in search of jobs after completing their degrees, wanting to productively utilise time which would otherwise be spent waiting on employment.

One can only speculate as to the quality of research undertaken by a student who masters only 30 percent knowledge of their core subject.

Each year, batches of 20 to 30 of such potential scholars are thus placed in each research-focused discipline.

The scholar then prepares a proposal outlining their approach to the problem or the direction the research will take.

The proposal is then scrutinised and approved by a committee of professors that gives the go-ahead for the research to begin.

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