Writing Up A Case Study In Psychology

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Here’s a classic example of a text-heavy and overly promotional case study: they want case studies. Case studies have the potential to fast-track buyers through this self-directed journey, combining everything they need to make a decision—social proof, stories, emotional connection, and data—into one document.

Those elements help buyers know, like, and trust your company. Research shows that word-of-mouth marketing is directly responsible for 20–50% of sales.

In my experience, sales teams want case studies, but marketing teams are cynical about the engagement they generate.

Use real photos of your customer, their full name and job title, verbatim quotes, etc.

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Yet, a 2018 B2B content marketing report found that case studies, while frequently created, aren’t always persuasive: This is a missed opportunity. Two psychological concepts—cognitive fluency and narrative transportation—can turn yawnsome case studies into hard-working persuasion assets.

According to Linked In’s Demand Gen Report 2018, case studies are the preferred content format of B2B buyers, with 79% of respondents consuming them in the past 12 months: They’re also, the report notes, the second-most shared type of content among B2B buyers (after blog posts). In fact, 94% of buyers go online to evaluate what their peers say about a product or service before deciding. Having worked with dozens of B2B companies, I’ve seen way too many case studies consigned to the content graveyard before they’ve even drawn breath. Ignore either one, and your case studies are likely to fall flat.

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