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Many students can’t handle and plan the research properly; so, they puzzle their mind each time they try to understand how to write a synthesis paper. How to develop citation and present a bibliography? The way student writes his/her essay depends on the selected sources and types of literature and amount of related supporting and argumentative material and facts. The key points to consider while completing this kind of academic assignment are: The next parts to review for a reader is the official definition of this type of academic essay and the general essay writing structure called an outline.

If it is clear for you how to work with information, then you are in a position to complete a perfect paper. ” If you ask this question, the easy material below shared by the professors from top colleges will be useful. Before reading how to write a synthesis essay, it is critical to add the definition of this term.

It is not enough to add a summary of each observed text.

Synthesis is about bringing together, analyzing both, comparing & contrasting, whatever – it is not about exploring and writing about a single source.

Non-written sources are a good idea for inspiration.

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The goal of any essay is to draw the attention of the reader to the existing problem, no matter what the topic/field of study is.

It is a good idea to come up with a couple of body paragraphs before the conclusion to synthesize facts discovered in several sources. Here is an example of body organization: Students who wonder how to write an AP English synthesis essay should begin with the synthesis essay introduction.

In AP English test, synthesis essay, is a common phenomenon.

A student must state and stress the importance of the discussed topic and focus on one of the existing opinions towards the issue.

A thesis should not sound weak/general – narrow it down!

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