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Using APA paper formatting guide makes it much easier to communicate one’s thoughts in a clear and consistent manner.It also allows readers to understand the writing, as well as find the information they are interested in, much easier.Just as many other professional texts, scientific papers should comply with an established set of rules.And although the APA guidelines for papers might seem endless and complicated at first, they are not that hard to follow.Such standardization provides readers an easier navigation in the researchers’ works, a better understanding of their structure, and their connections with other scientific papers.Obviously, there were numerous changes to the APA style, which were represented in several editions of the manual.

For instance, “The surveyed participants responded that…” or “The respondents confirmed that…” 2.

In addition, if the author is planning to get one’s manuscript published, he or she should be aware that editors and publishers pay a close attention to the way the writing is formatted.

It is worth noting that the typical editorial style predetermines the use of numerous elements.

Hence, to avoid bias and ensure the accuracy and adherence of the written material, authors should consider the following recommendations regarding the word choice: 3.

Avoiding poetic and flowery language The language of professional writing is naturally devoid of poetic and figurative expressions, as such poetic constructions would divert the readers’ attention from the information, conveyed in the work.

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  1. All surveys, including one released in January 2008 by the Iraq Ministry of Health and showing 400,000 excess deaths, are largely congruent in their main conclusions, with their differences reflecting the difficulty of gathering data during wartime.