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Conversely, when programs must be cut in school districts in the US, music programs are often decimated and severely undervalued.

There must be more advocacy for music programs in the country because literacy in music aids in becoming literate in many other subjects.

Oestreich suggests that most publishers and literary journal editors are lovers of the minor key—stories with trouble, angst, sorrow, pain, suffering. In June of 1965, shortly after recording “Like a Rolling Stone,” Dylan said, “I wrote it. It was straight.” Isn’t that pretty much what we all want to say after we create our masterpiece?

We like melody but we also like math, a little bit at least. In Oestreich’s essay he wonders whether he is a writer who should be writing in the major key or the minor key; he wonders if he can do both. Give us a melody and a chord structure that knocks us out and sing and play it loud and proud.

But in the musician’s world you really only have two major categories of emotion—the major and the minor key. If you believe in what you have to say, then say it any damn way you think is best.

It is pathos and sensitivity and insight and reflection. In Oestreich’s essay, he claims writing in the minor key is simpler because “the material presents itself so easily” and that writing in the major key could make a writer seem “Pollyannaish.” You know what I believe? But—and this is a big but—good writing, writing that matters, ultimately comes directly from confidence.

Performing a text in this manner can help students figure out how to do this for non-musical texts without teacher instruction.

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Major key writers, he continues, don’t necessarily hold the same weight in the literary world even tough there is as much happiness, one would argue, as there is sadness in the world. But here’s the thing to consider: Should you be writing to what editors As writers, we all want to be read and published.

Besides interpreting my own emotions, music has taught me how to empathize with others, because as I’ve gotten older, music has required me to attempt to understand different cultures and different people.

In this way, people that are literate in music learn how to perceive the world around them differently.

But let’s first go with The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life.” The song is a masterpiece. “No other pop song has so thoroughly challenged and transformed the commercial laws and artistic conventions of its time, for all time,” wrote the editors of the magazine when they recently listed the top 500 songs ever written.

Melodic magazine has crowned it the best song ever written by the greatest songwriter of all time.

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