Writing Empirical Research Papers Template For Dissertation

A reaction against the ivory tower theoreticians culminated in those who claimed to have no use for theory, arguing that empirical acquisition of knowledge was the only way to the truth.

A pure empiricist would simply graph data and see if he got a straight line relation between variables.

You will begin with broad statements that introduce the background of your research topic and it becomes more and more narrow (your research question and hypothesis) until it reaches the Methods and Results sections, which are the most specific sections of your paper. You will want to ensure that only the most relevant research related to your research question is included in your literature review, so an in-depth search in the current literature (across many databases) is necessary.

In the Discussion, you start off addressing the implications of the results of your study and then you discuss the limitations and finally the broad, generalizability of your study findings. You will want to end the Introduction with a brief overview of your study.

An article (and thesis) should have the shape of an hourglass. Preparing and writing the literature review is an ongoing process and it should begin The Literature Review is an in-depth process, and it is expected that you will read a lot more on your topic than what will be included in the paper. The conceptual researcher sits at his desk with pen in hand and tries to solve these problems by thinking about them.Researchers such as the alchemists who did experiments were considered little better than blacksmiths—“filthy empiricists.” For all of their lofty status, conceptual researchers regularly produced theories that were wrong.If many different types of statistical analyses were performed, it may be best to divide he results section into different subsections which will make the information easier to understand.It may be necessary and is often recommended to provide a brief and clear summary of each section of the results before moving on to the next set of statistical analyses.This section must be clear, organized, and only include methods that were actually used (not procedures you tried but did not use or failed).The goal is that others can follow the steps to replicate your study.On the other hand, Edison is often considered an empiricist, the “Edisonian method” being a by-word for trial and error.But Edison appreciated the work of theorists and hired some of the best.If so, he had a good “empirical” relationship that would make useful predictions. The modern scientific method is really a combination of empirical and conceptual research.Using known experimental data a scientist formulates a working hypothesis to explain some aspect of nature.

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