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Rochester to us directly, not revealing the full explanation until "Reader, I married him." Points of view can also be effectively shifted throughout a piece—in her novel "Keys to the Street," Ruth Rendell used limited third-person narratives from the point of view of five different characters, enabling the reader to assemble a coherent whole out of what first appears to be unrelated stories.

Writers also use the grammatical strategies of tense (past, present, future), person (first person, second person, third person), number (singular, plural) and voice (active, passive).

Every narrative has five elements that define and shape the narrative: plot, setting, character, conflict, and theme.

These elements are rarely stated in a story; they are revealed to the readers in the story in subtle or not-so-subtle ways, but the writer needs to understand the elements to assemble her story.

The choice of a narrator is another way that writers set the tone of a piece.

Is the narrator someone who experienced the events as a participant, or one who witnessed the events but wasn't an active participant?

In Gabriel García Márquez's novel "Chronicle of a Death Foretold," the same few hours are experienced in sequence from the viewpoint of several different characters.

García Márquez uses that to illustrate the peculiar almost magical inability of the townspeople to stop a murder they know is going to happen.

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Narratives may be a sequence of events in chronological order or an imagined tale with flashbacks or multiple timelines.For example, chronological choices can affect the reader's impressions.Past events always occur in strict chronological order, but writers can choose to mix that up, show events out of sequence, or the same event several times experienced by different characters or described by different narrators.Deep in a world of our own, we heard, from far away, a voice saying goodbye. Four batters later, he kicked away another chance and then, scrambling after the ball, threw wildly past home in an attempt to nail a runner there: two errors on the same play.A few moments after that, he managed another boot, thus becoming only the fourth player since the turn of the century to rack up four errors in one inning."—Roger Angell.In the novel "Gone Girl," by Gillian Flynn, the reader is forced to constantly revise her opinion as to the honesty and guilt of the husband Nick and his missing wife.In "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, the narrator is Humbert Humbert, a pedophile who constantly justifies his actions despite the damage that Nabokov illustrates he's doing. In this case it counts as two in one because the two types are so similar.A descriptive essay focuses on..guessed it...description! A narrative essay is generally written on a personal experience.In "Moby Dick," the entire story is told by the narrator Ishmael, who relates the tragedy of the mad Captain Ahab, and is situated as the moral center. And without ever returning to consciousness, or opening our eyes, or thinking, we joined in."The barber was cutting our hair, and our eyes were closed—as they are so likely to be... ' Goodbye,' we said, before we could catch ourselves."—E. White "Sadness of Parting.""In September 1986, during an unmomentous Giants-Braves game out at Candlestick Park, Bob Brenly, playing third base for San Francisco, made an error on a routine ground ball in the top of the fourth inning.

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