Writing Depression College Essay Best Nursing Entrance Essays

There is no reason why you should not write about these topics if they have truly shaped you into who you are today, but there is also no reason to think that writing a “sob story” would get you automatic admissions.

You don’t want to make your college admissions officer feel sorry for you.

In this way, telling a depressed person to “just be happy” is no more effective than telling a person with a broken leg to “just get up and walk.”And with this growing awareness of the realities of mental health, colleges and universities around the country are responding by offering substantial support to students with mental health.

At Harvard, for example, there are a number of support systems in place for students experiencing mental health problems.

Christina De Cario, the associate director of Admissions at the College of Charleston, tells Thought Co that the essay provides clues about a student’s writing skills, personality and preparedness for college.

However, the application essay was ranked much higher than recommendations from counselors and teachers, class rank, the interview, extracurricular activities and many other factors.

Since the college application essay is so important, Thought Co spoke with several experts to discover the best ways to write one that will win over college admissions officers.

Thanks to the efforts of mental health activists and organizations, people are finally starting to realize that mental illnesses are real conditions that affects millions of people.

Much like a physical illness, mental illness has real and often serious ramifications on people.

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