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Conclusion: Signal that the summary or conclusion is beginning (“In summary/ In conclusion,…”).Summarise the main concepts you've discussed, and affirm that you have demonstrated what you set out to do.Make about 10% more handouts than you think you'll need. Some points to consider: Practise, practise, practise! Make changes according to critical feedback from others. It is better to fall within the time limit than say too much and go over time. Check to see that accessories are present: chalk, whiteboard markers, and a pointer.

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Be mindful of any questions or problems the audience could raise about the information you are presenting. Use short sentences with simple constructions, and decide what aspects of your talk would benefit from being presented as a visual aid.Or browse the numerous abstracts that are online from previous conferences.Look for abstracts of young researchers, who are still at very early stages of their career.An experienced evaluator giving his time for the tedious process of paper selection will attentively study your proposal, but will at the same time read quite a few things between the lines: the enthusiasm you have for your topic, the professionalism with which the proposal has been drafted, the respect you show for the event you are applying for.Respect for the event is expressed by a) verifying if your topic really fits the call for papers; b) limiting yourself to the word count that is indicated by the organisers; c) following the instructions on how to format the proposal; d) including all the additional information required (such as basic personal data, keywords, exact level of study, etc.); e) writing a text in correct English syntax and spelling; f) keeping to the deadline.Clarify or define any key concepts early to avoid confusion.State your objectives at the start of your talk, then recap them again at the end of the talk.You want to be remembered by the people to whom you offer it. Briefly outline what you are going to cover in your talk at the beginning.Ask yourself: what made the evaluator gain a positive impression of a given proposal?Your abstract is like a business card or ‘elevator pitch’.

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