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When you are covering a topic you are familiar with, you will go beyond just offering basic tips as you will offer useful insights to your audience.

Furthermore, it is easier to write about a familiar topic, and you will take a shorter time on research and even write the speech quicker.

Would they be interested in the subject of your speech?

If so, how deep is their understanding of the topic?

However, to a millennial audience, such a subject is too obvious.

Read also: As you brainstorm demonstration topic ideas, you are likely to come up with topics you are not interested in or familiar with.

The specific purpose statement should state the main topic of your speech.

You will grab the attention of your audience by engaging them immediately with a compelling reason for your speech.

For example, you might include: selecting the recipe, gathering the ingredients, mixing, baking and frosting.In addition, this format will allow your audience to clearly understand what you wish to accomplish with your speech.Consider the main purpose a thesis statement that serves as the backbone of your informative speech.After you list the main topics, begin brainstorming the fine details.Try beginning your statement of specific purpose with a phrase like, “I will inform my audience about baking a cake” This beginning will clearly tell your audience what aspects about the topic you will be discussing.Read on to find out how to write a demonstration speech and interesting demonstration speech topic ideas.The following are some tips our speech writers shared on how to create an excellent demonstration speech: Who is your audience?Write down the main goal you wish to accomplish with your informative speech. You will feel more confident, when you deliver your speech, if you feel confident and passionate about the topic.For example, if you love to bake, pick a topic that showcases your skills.The point is, make sure the subject is not only interesting to you, but also interesting to your audience.Also, the subject you pick should not be too complex or too obvious.

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