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While I've noticed a few complaints about the server modding community being split to the detriment of server admins, I'd have to respectfully disagree.The folks over at Paper are doing a great job maintaining legacy compatibility in the ecosystem, while those of us at Sponge work on the new and improved platform that will deliver major benefits with the huge changes that 1.13 brings.Just updating to note about 1.13: I estimate that the 1.13 update to be at least a 75% reduction in performance compared to 1.12 for baseline Craft Bukkit/Spigot.I would estimate that Paper has recovered around 30% of that loss already, with the rest closing in soon plus getting better than 1.12.For developers, we offer a constantly expanding the API with new things that developers can benefit from to make their plugins better.Our goal is to deliver an overall "why would you ever use spigot" experience.

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Does this mean Paper is reliant upon Spigot to get updates out? It's not clear anymore what server software is good for which scenarios, plugins are compatible with some forks but not others, etc. I just tested the url and it's going to our discord link (is my url shortener). If my url shortener isn't working for you, here is the direct link: https://discord.gg/j ETyj Uw There are no known plugin incompat issues at this time.

I've been running a vanilla server for a group of friends for years now, but the latest 1.13 release has been a performance disaster, so I'm considering switching to something like Paper.

One thing I'm unable to find in any of your linked resources is any indication of a "stable" build or release, is the rolling CI-build the only option?

), our goal is to provide a "better in every single way" version of Spigot.

You can simply replace your Spigot jar you had to run Build Tools to get, with the latest jar from our Website:https://papermc.io/downloads (1.12.2 and 1.13.1 supported)No more needing to run Build Tools.

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