Write Economic Thesis Paper

It is okay to have an inconclusive paper, but it is not okay to make overly broad and unsupported statements.

There are essentially two decisions to make: (1) How many empirical results should be presented, and (2) How should these results be described in the text?

A clear presentation will allow the strength of your underlying analysis and the quality of your research to shine through.

Unlike prose writing in other disciplines, economics research takes time.

In term papers, it may not be possible to reach conclusive results.

Don’t be afraid to state this clearly and accurately.

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However, must research starts organically, from passive reading or striking news articles. Be sure to find a niche and make a contribution to the subfield.

You will also need a project that can be done within the parameters of the assignment (length, due date, access to research materials).

A profoundly interesting topic may not be manageable given the time and other constraints you face. Be sure to start your research as soon as possible.

There are two types of economic sources: empirical data (information that is or can be easily translated into numerical form), and academic literature (books and articles that help you organize your ideas).

Economic data is compiled into a number of useful secondary sources: The literature review demonstrates your familiarity with scholarly work on your topic and lays the foundations for your paper.

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