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Many believe that rolling back current emissions standards would be a setback for the environment as it would create additional air pollution.Others, however, feel that the standards are already too strict and that rolling back emissions standards would jump-start the auto industry.

If you’re trying to choose a topic for your discursive essay (and you don’t want to write about whether essay topics should even be assigned), here are 20 discursive essay topics for your next paper.Many experts state that adults require eight hours of sleep to stay healthy.But others argue that sleep needs vary, and some people may require fewer (or even more) hours of restful sleep each night.Need a quick reminder of how a discursive essay works?Remember, this type of essay presents both sides of an argument and then states your stance.Some believe that technology is a tool and that limiting technology use is simply a matter of putting down the gaming system, tablet, or phone. They claim people need professional medical treatment to manage their addictions.The military can use drones to safely surveil dangerous areas and unmanned drones in areas where it’s unsafe for personnel.When you’re assigned to write an essay, you usually have two options when it comes to topics.Your prof either says, “Write about one of these assigned topics,” or, “Pick something, and write about it.”There are advantages and disadvantages to both.They feel that traditional marketing, including word-of-mouth, is the best way to market a business and increase its customer base.Social media users often feel that they use social media responsibly and that it doesn’t hinder any aspect of their lives, including academic performance.

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  1. Because our professional careers as archaeologists and faculty focus on writing as a benchmark of academic proficiency, each module includes two assignments, which are written (there are no traditional exams).