Workplace Violence Essay Tqm Case Studies With Answers

Many healthcare professionals had thoughts of quitting their position after an attack and were much more likely to leave the profession than their unharmed counterparts due to an increased level of burnout.

Ten articles reported the overall patient quality of care was impacted after workplace violence experiences.

Seventeen studies reported that violence perpetrated by a patient had notable negative effects on the healthcare professional.

The documented effects on healthcare professionals can be found in Table 2.

Workplace Violence Essay-11Workplace Violence Essay-90

One article found that physiotherapists often reduced their expectations for their patients after experiencing an incident of workplace violence from a patient.

In many healthcare and allied health professions, close contact with patients is essential for quality and thorough patient care.

The job-related act of encouraging or compelling a patient to do something they may not want to do, in fields such as occupational and physical therapy, increases the risk for violence and the inability to protect oneself from violent patient attacks.

Data from 18 research studies was systematically extracted and recorded.

Of the 18 articles that fit the inclusion/exclusion criteria, 14 articles used surveys or questionnaires to determine the rates of workplace violence and the effects.

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