Working Teams Essay

Since the virtual teams are very diverse, they have very unique set of problem rather than collocated teams.“The virtual teams face the issues of trust, communication, goal alignment, shared purpose, skills, resource availability and role clarity” (O’Neill, Lewis, & Hambley, 2008).So, leading these teams need special requirements and skills apart from general organizational behavior.

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Internal factors are those will be within the control of a virtual team, the team can directly influenced or interact with these factors like culture, trust, communication, relationship and leadership (Friedrich, Bleimann, Stengel, & Walsh, 2011).

The Leadership is the key for any virtual organization setting, the right competencies, attributes, trust and rapport, and management of virtual workers and teams.

Some of the studies proposed the success of the team is not only due to a team’s efforts but it is collective individual influence the performance of team.

The challenges of the virtual team settings can be overcome enhancing the leader ability which can be achieved by the change in management principles (Levasseur, R. Virtual team is a group of individuals who are geographically dispersed, cross functional and they work on highly interdependent and collaborative tasks.

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