Working At Heights Training Course

Students will understand the risks of working near fall hazards, how to evaluate protective methods for different scenarios, and proper selection and use of personal protective equipment.PART 1 – THEORY MANDATORY EQUIPMENT In order to participate in the class, learners must bring the following: * 1 piece of government-issued photo identification * CSA-certified safety boots * CSA-certified hardhat * CSA-certified safety eye-wear/glasses Participants without the above items will not be permitted to attend the course.They will also be able to safely connect, disconnect, and activate propane equipment up to 400,000 BTUs/hour.This program is accredited by TSSA and is approved as a Record of Training program for propane.If you are deemed to be working at a distance in which a fall could prove to cause personal injury, you are working at height. Three hours Who should attend the Working at Heights course?

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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (O. 297/13) employers in Ontario must ensure that all workers on construction projects have successfully completed a Ministry-approved working at heights training program.

Chief Prevention Officer approved, practical hands on assessment, certification card provided to those who are successful.

Courses scheduled for workers and supervisors across province Working at Heights Refresher Safety Training - download information sheet April 1, 2018, marked the inaugural training anniversary for Ontario’s mandatory Working at Heights Safety Training, which includes a requirement for half-day refresher training within every three years of the original date of training.

This mandatory training is for anyone on a construction site who works at heights (10 feet/3 m and above).

Obtain the required theoretical and practical training to meet Ministry training requirements. RECERTIFICATION - BLDG10726 - Working at Heights - Recertification Individuals who obtain their working at heights certification are required by law to recertify every 3 years. If so, you will be required to recertify this year by taking a practical working at heights recertification course.

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