Work Life Balance Thesis

These are transmitted through organizational culture formally in the form of organizational policy and informally through supervisors and coworkers.

Essentially this gauges the value and support available for work-life integration with the objectives of the organization.

It also encompasses tension, situations or factors that can cause stress in a work environment.

Occupational stress occurs when there is a discrepancy between the demands of the workplace and the individual’s ability to meet these demands (Henry & Evans, 2008).

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Sociologists have expressed increasing interest in the study of work-family conflict since the 1970’s where the majority of adults need to work for a living-wage and the result is the need to balance this need to work with the need to raise a family, whilst still maintaining traditional values.

A family-responsive employer would provide flexibility in work programs that afford employees greater control over their working hours and considerate responses to meeting their family or personal obligations.

This is often translated in fiscal responses such as adequate insurance and pension funds that allow for family support over and above that which may be the immediate concern of an individual in an organization.

The study of occupational stress centers on stress at work.

Stress is defined in terms of physical and physiological effects on a employee whether this be mental, physical or emotional strain.

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