Words For Problem Solving Business Plan Resume

Uses trial and error and the process of elimination to solve problems 5.

Dependability is one of the most important skills for problem-solvers. Employers highly value individuals they can trust to both identify and then implement solutions as fast and effectively as possible.

Understands the basic language of logic in mathematical situations (e.g., "and," "or," "not") 7.

Uses explanations of the methods and reasoning behind the problem solution to determine reasonableness of and to verify results with respect to the original problem Level III (Grades 6-8) 1.

Understands that there is no one right way to solve mathematical problems but that different methods (e.g., working backward from a solution, using a similar problem type, identifying a pattern) have different advantages and disadvantages 4.

Formulates a problem, determines information required to solve the problem, chooses methods for obtaining this information, and sets limits for acceptable solutions 5.

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