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Each tribe was ruled by its own strong warrior who settled their people in different parts of the country.The Anglo-Saxons first tried invading in the 4th century, but the Roman army were quick to send them home again!The Anglo-Saxons were a group of farmer-warriors who lived in Britain thousands of years ago.Made up of three tribes who came over from Europe, they were called the Angle, Saxon, and Jute tribes.

There are riddles, mazes, coloring book pages and a page with children’s links that have won Children’s Storybooks Online Award for excellence.

Years later – around 450AD – the Ancient Romans left Britain, the Anglo-Saxons seized their chance and this time they were successful!

They left their homes in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark and sailed over to Britain on wooden boats.

Word Drop contains lots of pieces of text which have had certain words removed.

You have to put the words back in the correct places.

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