Who Is A Business Plan Written For

For example if you've made the assumption your turnover will grow, you could say if this is because of market growth or price rises.

You can use information from other parts of your business plan to support your assumptions.

This will help potential funders to see if your new product or service either complements or adds diversity to your existing business.

Giving details of all your products or services will help potential funders to see these opportunities and might improve your chance of getting funding.

You might also want to include photographs, diagrams or illustrations.

You should give details of all the products or services your business sells.

Your business's 'operations' are the way it makes and prepares a product or service.

This section of your plan should give details on things like: You should also include details if your business owns intellectual property on any processes or patents on any technologies.

They'll also want to see if your business is using the best practices for the future.

In particular, funders will be interested in finding out if you or the other people managing your business have the correct skills and experience to deliver your business plan.

You should give details of anyone involved in managing your business, including their: If your business has a management team you should also give details of the team structure and any lines of reporting.

You should try to show how your business's own product or service is different and why customers will choose yours.

You should also use this section to detail your business's sales strategy.

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