White Is My Favorite Color Essay Write Counter Argument Essays

People having Pink as their favorite color feel the need for love, security but also like to portray themselves as a bit delicate, or fragile.

Pink lovers are charming and gentle and violence upsets them.

”, chances are that we would hear different answers.

These connotations also have been developed over the years so , for example, blue could stand for Masculinity, the Democrats (for Americans), the ocean or the sky etc.

If red is your favorite, you will let nothing come between you and your road to success.

They also strive for safety, security and acknowledgement.

They are confident, but might have very high standards regarding cleanliness.

Your love for white is also symbolic of openness and fearlessness. Lovers of brown tend to have stamina and patience as well as solidity and stability. On the downside, people with brown as favorite color tend to be inflexible and obstinate.

Thankfully, this will be only for brief periods of time and their sophisticated manners make them excellent company.

If you like black, you are likely emotionally contained, decisive, serious, powerful, strong, confident and sometimes a bit introverted.

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