Where Can I Publish My Research Paper

The course features interactive modules covering the basics of peer review and ethics, as well as real-life guidance on how to write a first-rate review.

Note that some journals will even specify the types of research that they do not publish.

Meanwhile, experienced authors may be tempted to publish in the same journals as always, despite the fact that new publication opportunities are constantly arising in the form of electronic-only journals and open access publications.

Even rigorous, high-impact work can be rejected when the topic of the research does not match the scope of the journal, and making this mistake wastes time, money, and motivation.

The cost of publication can also be viewed as a restriction, as some journals charge very high article processing fees.

Fees can also charged for open access, additional pages beyond a certain limit, or color figures.

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  1. Students participate in a graduate writing workshop each semester and take six additional one-semester courses for credit, at least four of them in English or American literature, comparative literature, literature in the modern or Classical languages or cultural studies (two per semester during the first year and one per semester during the second year).

  2. In order to strengthen your own argument and demonstrate that you’ve looked at all aspects of the topic, you need to address the opposing view.