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Greedy is a much nicer word for attorneys than I think should be used. Only profession that takes a pen, a few dollars and a court filing to turn someone's life upside down and financial ruin for the victim of frivolous lawsuits.

It's not free speech for a big group like SPLC to publicly title you an extremist. It's one thing for a single person to call you it, but a giant organization labeling you it, is a destruction of character and reputation.

Cass: Even if we zeroed out our emissions tomorrow and the future of climate change is still a question of what happens in China and India. Stossel: When Trump said he was leaving the Paris Accord, he was trashed by politicians across the world.

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Wolf Blitzer: A lot at stake, potentially for the planet. I bet they don’t even know what was in the agreement. Oren Cass: Paris Accord was somewhere between a farce and a fraud.

Stossel: Manhattan Institute senior fellow Oren Cass is one of the few people who’ve actually read the Paris Agreement and also the commitment set in by every country.

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