What Makes A Good Medical School Essay Alex Thaler Essay

It will help form a complete picture of who you are as an individual and who you may become as a physician. Your personal statement must clearly and convincingly convey: Although a personal statement isn’t the same as a formal essay, it’s important to stay on topic.

Admissions counselors will look for evidence of positive personal qualities, consider your communication abilities and professionality, and try to gain an understanding of your genuine voice and personality. Keep these goals in mind to ensure you don’t wander too far from the true purpose of your essay.

We recommend focusing on storytelling in your introductory paragraph.

Then, weave specific details throughout the rest of your essay, but also make direct, reflective statements about: Avoid specifically “telling” your positive qualities until the concluding paragraph.

Although I couldn’t fix the problems of my mentees, I learned that offering support, compassion, and a listening ear was not insignificant. While volunteering at the local hospital, I’ve had the opportunity to observe many brilliant doctors.

The doctors who take extra time to listen, understand, and be empathetic to their patients are the doctors I most admire and hope to emulate.

I couldn’t solve Jeremy’s problem, or the problems of any of the children I mentored throughout college, but I learned that my presence, a listening ear, and kind words were not insignificant.

The AMCAS application alone does not determine whether you get into any given medical school.

What do you say to a ten-year-old child in that situation?

I didn’t know, but I held Jeremy’s hand in mine for as long as he needed.

This includes MCAT scores, GPA, experiences, awards, honors, extracurricular activities, and so on.

So, there’s no exact formula that admissions counselors will use to evaluate your personal statement.

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