What Makes A Good Essay At Degree Level

Using semicolons and colons in your writing allows you to include more information; however, the proper use of these valuable punctuation tools can also be confusing.

This podcast will help you understand how to use semicolons and colons appropriately.

It describes the difference between active and passive sentences, and ends by explaining the importance of planning and redrafting.© 2019 Owl Tail All rights reserved. Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not Owl Tail.

Collectively, Rahul has raised and helped raise billion for firms since 2005.

Producer: Beaty Rubens Author and broadcaster Sarah Churchwell describes the spell that female film stars of the 1930's and 40's have over her.

From Jean Harlow, the blonde bombshell, to someone the author came to admire later in life. Because this star tried too hard, was unrelenting, was altogether frightening. Subscribe and catch all-new episodes at applepodcasts.com/levar.

Hilary Mantel uses examples and a reading from her own novel Vacant Possession, to examine the use of rhetoric and rhythm, and how they can seed ideas in a reader and build up the relationship between reader and text.

The fact that father and son share the same name in Hamlet is used to investigate the play's nostalgia, drawing on biographical criticism and the religious and political history of early modern England.

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