What Is Muscle Resynthesis Horticulture Business Plan

OBJECTIVE: To determine glycogen resynthesis rate and changes in plasma metabolite concentrations in horses before and after repeated exercise.ANIMALS: 6 clinically normal Standardbred trotters. PROCEDURE: Horses trotted distances of 3,000, 3,000, and 2,000 m (trial A) and 3 days later, trotted 2,100, 2,100, and 1,600 m (trial B).

The total muscular stores of both ATP and CP are small.

Plasma concentrations of lipid metabolites, glycerol, triglycerides, and nonesterified fatty acids, were less than before-exercise values 2 to 72 hours after exercising.

CONCLUSIONS: Repeated bouts of exercise decrease glycogen repletion rate, which is not attributable to hypoglycemia, but may be influenced by limited availability of lipids for energy production.

Three exercise energy systems can be selectively recruited, depending on the amount of oxygen available, as part of the cellular respiration process to generate the ATP for the muscles.

They are ATP, the anaerobic system and the aerobic system.

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