What Is Logic And Critical Thinking

The widespread conviction that the Sun orbits the Earth before Copernicus did not make that claim true.

The Earth was orbiting the Sun while lots of people on Earth had an erroneous belief about reality in their heads.

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So it was reasonable for an illiterate 14th century peasant in Europe, for example, to believe that "Bubonic plague is caused by demon possession." even though we know that it is caused by the bacterial infection Yersinia pestis.

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We can see that given the evidence they have, what they believe makes sense, even though the truth is different than what they believe.This course introduces logic and critical thinking.It covers persuasion, argument, semantic and logical consistency, and the accurate use of language, both meaning and structure.It evaluates the effects of advertising, politics, religion, and the news media.The course also explores the gulf between reasoning in theory and in practice.We form beliefs about it on the basis of our information.The truth is objective—it does not depend upon people. emains what it is whether we form beliefs about it or not.So many people believed that the earth is flat, for example. Belief is subjective because it is dependent upon an individual to possess it. Smith, for example, believes, "Americans never went to the moon." Smith also believes, "There are 12 months on a yearly calendar." Smith's first belief is false, although she takes it to be true. Beliefs can align, or diverge from the objective state of affairs in the world.Beliefs aren't true simply in virtue of being believed.And to believe a claim is to take it to be true, even though it might not actually be true. And you believe that when the sun is shining, it is day time. Whenever a person considers any proposition, that person must believe the proposition, or disbelieve the proposition, or suspend judgment about the proposition.A person cannot at any time have more than one of these attitudes toward one proposition.

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