What Is A College Creative Writing Class Like Learning And Memory Essay

Like going to a class on a regular basis, being in contact with other writers keeps you focused and reminds you that it is something that people do fit into their daily lives.It’s another way of taking your writing seriously and reminding yourself that it does take work – another way of providing a bit of structure to something that can seem so arbitrary and in the hands of your muse!It’s easier to break a promise to yourself than it is to other people, including the others in your class and a workshop facilitator.Because writing is something we do alone, in our own time, it can be difficult to commit ourselves to it unless we are answerable to someone else.But like so many other things, having that structure there to help you put in the work can really help.Here are some of the ways a writing class can and should benefit you as a writer: Focus Taking a writing class gives you the opportunity to focus on writing for a set period of time, whether it’s a once-off day or a set of several weeks.Remember that not everything in a writing class is going to work for you – if there was a ‘quick fix’ or easy way to write a bestseller then our notion of a struggling writer simply wouldn’t exist.

This might come in the form of doing writing exercises in class – particularly at a beginners’ level, where part of the challenge is to respond immediately to a prompt rather than to muse on it, and overcome perfectionism – or by being prompted by discussions in-class to go home and write. (The writer Flannery O’Connor famously noted, when asked whether she felt the academy stifled writers, that they ‘don’t stifle enough of them’!It’s not a professional qualification, after all – it’s not like you need to pass an exam or get a certificate to ‘prove’ that you’ve put in the work.There is plenty you can learn from reading books, but a good teacher or facilitator can direct you towards areas that you might need to focus on, or address certain issues you might have.It’s sort of like having a tour guide – even though you can get where you need to be by wandering alone, it helps to have someone to ask for directions.A class should function like a good ‘how to write’ book – it’s not enough to have insights about the craft of writing, it should also inspire you to sit down and apply those insights!Guidance One of the main reasons people take a writing workshop is for guidance.They should be able to offer advice and guidance beyond what works for them in their own practice as writers. It might be about learning a few different ways to approach your work, to outline, to write a first draft – but you should be learning things you can use in your work.Exploration Many people take a writing class because they want to try something new – whether that’s just ‘trying to write something creative’ or writing in a different genre or form.Many great writers can give wonderful speeches about their own work and literature as a whole, but if it’s an ongoing course you need a little more than this.A writing teacher should not talk about their own work all the time. Skills A writing class should help you develop skills – whether it’s learning to read ‘as a writer’ (analysing why something works or why a writer might have chosen to write something in a certain way) or whether it’s improving your skills as a writer of description, dialogue, or whatever you need.

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