What Are Some Critical Thinking Skills

Social media is a pretty mundane example of the lack of critical thinking skills, however, what about those who fall victim to scams?

The critical thinking skills required to know when not to believe emails or phone scams claiming to be something urgent or essential or your long-lost uncle from Nigeria is critical to protecting yourself and requires critical thinking skills.

Enhance Their Reading Comprehension Skills Helping our children develop their reading comprehension skills is a critical first step to develop skills needed to become capable and enthusiastic readers.

The process gives reasoned consideration to evidence, contexts, conceptualizations, methods, and criteria" (1990).When critical thinking and reading comprehension skills are coupled, they form a fundamental part of all education.These skills enhance a child’s educational development, as well as provide them with skill sets they will need later in life to achieve goals.Even at home I sometimes struggle with my kids continually challenging and asking questions.However, critical thinking is an increasingly necessary skill. As much as it may be inconvenient when our children are continually challenging our authority and asking questions, we need to work through their questions and allow them to exercise their critical thinking skills.Critical thinking is sometimes broadly defined as "thinking about thinking." Critical thinking skills include the ability to interpret, verify, and reason, all of which involve applying the principles of logic.Critical thinking skills are the foundation of education and all life skill development.In many schools, kids are not always encouraged to take a critical mindset and question facts.With the emphasis in today’s modern world, to have teachers teach to a standardized test and the overuse of memorization for such, it’s easy to deter the questioning of facts.As parents, we need to teach our kids how to examine facts.Listen and look for pieces that just don’t make sense.

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