Wharton Admission Essays

However, if you write your short-term goal to be a consultant in Mc Kinsey, you’ve shifted both industry and function.

This jump is too big and makes you seem unreasonable.

Then you specifically name the club, seminar, or annual event where you plan to implement your strengths. Are you going to bring a guest lecturer as a keynote speaker to an event?

We created a “Function x Industry” matrix to help you test the legitimacy of your short-term goals.

Here is an example of what one of the contributions might look like:“After serving as a key player in my family business for five years, and as a future leader of the company, the Family Business Club is a natural place for me to give back.

I look forward to openly discussing topics such as navigating family businesses during tough times and overcoming second/third generational transition issues.

This makes your overall professional story coherent, sound, and feasible.

If your goals are in line with your experiences and follow a reasonable track, the admissions committee will be excited to help you take your next step.

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