Weight Loss Surgery Research Paper

Overcoming society's stigma of being overweight was another benefit respondents noted after losing weight. "Weight-loss surgery results in positive changes in social life, medical conditions." Science Daily. Bariatric surgery delivered in routine clinical practice in the UK is associated with a substantial initial weight loss that is sustained for at least four years after surgery, according to a new ...In a study of women weight lifters, nutrition scientists showed that protein consumption before bed compared to protein consumption during the day does not disturb overnight belly fat metabolism or ...Obesity-related diseases including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer are a leading cause ...Exercise immediately prior to and during pregnancy restores key tissues in the body, making them better able to manage blood sugar levels and lowering the risk of long term health problems, suggests ...New research in mice has confirmed that the presence of XX sex chromosomes increases the amount of fat circulating in the blood, which leads to narrowing of the arteries and ultimately a higher risk ...The obesity epidemic affects nearly half a billion people worldwide, many of them children.

Today, scientists will report the development of molecules that can change, or remodel, unhealthful gut microbiomes in mice ...Weight loss among participants averaged 95 pounds per person while the range of weight experiences was wide -- from a gain of 80 pounds, which is atypical according to the researchers, to a weight loss of 260 pounds.People who elected to have the surgery to reduce negative reactions to their weight among friends and family reported better relationships after surgery.In the meantime, results have been published in peer-reviewed journals, as listed below.Adults and adolescents affected by obesity are more likely to develop conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis than are people without obesity."Most people had improvements in chronic health problems." Health issues that respondents reported improvements in included diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol level, and sleep apnea.Study respondents also cited increased mobility as one of the positive aspects of having surgery to lose weight.Food scientists have shown that feeding frying oil to mice exaggerated colonic inflammation, enhanced tumor growth and worsened gut leakage, spreading bacteria or toxic bacterial products into the ...Owning a pet may help maintain a healthy heart, especially if that pet is a dog, according to a new analysis.The study examines the association of pet ownership -- specifically dog ownership -- with ...A new study suggests that individuals who take anti-depressants and/or anti-psychotics and participate in a weight management program can lose weight whether or not they take psychiatric medications, ...

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