Web Mining Research Papers 2011

The goal of Web structure mining is to generate structural summary about the Web site and Web page.Technically, Web content mining mainly focuses on the structure of inner-document, while Web structure mining tries to discover the link structure of the hyperlinks at the inter-document level.Privacy is considered lost when information concerning an individual is obtained, used, or disseminated, especially if this occurs without their knowledge or consent.

These practices might be against the anti-discrimination legislation.

Web usage mining by itself does not create issues, but this technology when used on data of personal nature might cause concerns.

The most criticized ethical issue involving web usage mining is the invasion of privacy.

Based on the topology of the hyperlinks, Web structure mining will categorize the Web pages and generate the information, such as the similarity and relationship between different Web sites.

Web structure mining can also have another direction -- discovering the structure of Web document itself.

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