Ways To Solve Environmental Problems

If you haven’t heard about The Environment Now (where have you been?!

), it’s an exciting opportunity that will fund 17-24 years olds up to £10,000 to create their unique digital ideas to help the environment.

Every aspect of the economy will have to adapt to become more sustainable if we’re going to avoid serious disruptions moving forward.Could this information be used to monitor something more effectively?Almost like mini spaceships, drones offer the bird’s eye view of landscapes from the sky, with a person operating them.Examples of this include Virtually There Studios by Emily, who is creating VR content from filming in UK woodlands to engage VR users in the impact of deforestation.And Omni-Go by Raymond has created an augmented reality game app that encourages pro-environmental behaviour through recycling games and information tips.So all of this money and support for helping to save the planet sounds great, but you might not be sure how to create a digital solution to an issue you’re passionate about.Well here’s a rundown of everything digital to see how you can use tech to solve environmental problems. Take a look at the sections below and see if you could use any of these digital technologies for your idea!Remember, these products cause behavioural change which cause more people to value the environment and sustainability.Open Data is a simple term to mean data that is open and accessible for all to use.We typically don’t associate cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability.Technology often gets blamed for our current environmental predicament, from internal combustion engines to electronic waste.

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