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Current estimates indicate that about 75% of India’s available water is polluted.The Ganga, which drains a quarter of the country’s land area, is now one of our most polluted rivers, sharing this dubious distinction with the Damodar (Bihar, W.In India, the river Damodar is one of the most heavily polluted rivers.It has been heavily abused as a convenient dumping ground for wastes and effluents of all kinds, including agricultural, industrial and domestic.

Only such organisms as bloodworms, sludge worms, bloodsuckers and certain other undesirable animals, pathogenic bacteria and pests are found.During monsoons, thousands of tons of topsoil in India erodes and washes off.The land area prone to flooding has doubled from 200 million hectares to 40 million hectares since 1973. The major types of environmental pollution are air pollution, water. Introduction to jack london essay getmethod generic argumentative essay.Many of our lakes are becoming increasingly murky, smelly and choked with excessive growths of algae.Most of the rivers have become darkened with sewage, chemicals, oil, industrial effluents and undesirable foreign and extra­neous matter.In 1968, the Ganges caught fire near Monghyr (Bihar) because of the oily effluent discharged from the Barauni Oil Refinery.Large scale discharge of waste water containing arsenic and ammonia resulted in mass killing of fishes in an estuary near Goa a few years ago.Water pollution is most often caused by uncontrolled rejection of wastes (Table 8.6).Although water pollution can be caused by the presence of any extraneous, undesirable matter, the following are some of the more important primary sources of pollution.

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