Was Tutankhamun Murdered Essay

here were at least two other deaths following that of Tutankhamun. A ring has been found with her cartouche inscribed next to his.

His young wife Ankhesenamum pleaded with the king of the Hittites to send her one of his sons for a husband. A son was sent, but he was murdered before he arrived. Did Ay force her to marry him, thus legitimizing his claim to the throne?

Within three years of Ay's death, Ankhesenamum disappeared. His cartouches, which he had inscribed on temple walls, were eradicated, his tomb was robbed and vandalized, and his mummy disappeared.

Could she also have been the victim of a serial killer? His name was also eliminated from the official list of pharaohs, as was that of Tutankhamun.

Such bold and piercing eyes immediately capture the viewer and portray Tut with both beauty and authority.

The following paragraphs will discuss the visual appearance, construction details, past and present locations of King Tutankhamen's coffins.Tutankhamun was born to one of his father's lesser wives and not to his main wife, the powerful Nefertiti.His presence may have caused some strain in the royal courts as Nefertiti had only daughters, but desperately wanted to have a son of her own to take over the throne.[SEE articles: Tutankhamun's death The Saga of Tutankhamen's Skull X-rays King Tut Not Murdered Violently, CT Scans Show.he painting in Tutankhamun's burial chamber depicts Ay at the "opening of the mouth" ceremony, giving life and breath to the young deceased pharaoh.An X-ray of his skull revealed a calcified blood clot at its base.This could have been caused by a blow from a blunt implement, which eventually resulted in death.The head of each is also crowned with the presence of the vulture goddess, Nekhbet, and the image of the divine cobra, Buto.However, one of the most captivating details of the coffins is the black eyes and eyebrows that stand out of each face.He did away with over a thousand years of traditional Egyptian religion and forced people to change the way they worshiped.He even built a new capital city in honor of the god Aten called Amarna.

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