Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero Dbq Essay

The roads were unpaved and there was no sewage system.The area was “so unsightly and unsanitary as to shock me into the belief that I was once more witnessing the lowest phases of Chicago slum life—the worst I’d ever seen.” Two days later, Dreiser toured east Pittsburgh’s Oakwood neighborhood, where steel company owners and executives lived. The poor were so very poor, the rich so rich, and their self-importance was beyond measure.” Dreiser reflected on the wide financial divide that marked America’s industrial revolution—great economic progress and vast fortunes built on the labor of the working poor.

Wrote Dreiser: “Truly, never in my life, I think, neither before nor since…was the vast gap which divides the rich from the poor in America so vividly and forcefully and impressively brought home to me. He was a man driven to accumulate huge wealth only to give it all away.Microbiologische analysis essay romeo and juliet literary analysis essay essay on kargil victory day parade the russian revolution essays joos van cleve the annunciation essay writing.Essay on internet surfing and online safety web analytics vendors comparison essay dissertation sur.The immediate impact appeared to be greatest on the patients who were under 17 years of age and for those with previous psychosocial problems.The reproductive risks of abortion are especially.. Our program is designed to teach your children gymnastics within a safe environment.“It is too much to expect poor men to stand by and see their work taken by others—their daily bread,” he wrote. Frick had apprised his boss of the goings-on at Homestead in the days leading up to the showdown and Carnegie approved Frick’s actions, just as he’d sanctioned Frick’s defeat of Amalgamated at the company’s Edgar Thomson Steel Works three years earlier.Reporter Dreiser described the “depressing” scene he witnessed in Homestead in the aftermath of the tragedy.He had very little formal education, but he was a fast learner and a spirited fellow; even at a young age, notes Nasaw, “there was something about the lad that inspired older Scottish men to entrust him with responsibilities.” He moved quickly through the ranks at a cotton mill, doubling his pay to a week before leaving for a job as a messenger at the Atlantic and Ohio Telegraph Company. Working equally hard to educate himself, he spent much of his free time in Allegheny City’s first quasi-public library, reading voraciously, especially books about his new country.Soon came the connection that would profoundly change Carnegie’s life.The magnate turned his attention to philanthropy, and his good works still benefit people around the globe.What should we make of the complicated capitalist whose legacy includes this advice to the mega-rich: Give something back while you can. Louis, reporter Theodore Dreiser had written about the harsh social conditions in the belching factory cities powering America’s industrial revolution.

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