Warren Buffett Essays Summary

As time has passed, the methods described by Graham (information here) to assess a company have been superceded.

Computing power has exploded and this has put much more complex investment tools into the hands of most amateur and all professional investors.

Buffett was in the news and within the investment world was a major star, but very little was known about him.

This biography helped to build his reputation further and get more of his background into the wider public domain.

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In his early years, Buffett was a student in an investment class taught by Ben Graham.Warren Buffett is quite simply the master of this game and his strategies are or should be of massive importance to anyone who wants to understand investment.It is my personal opinion that whilst he is clearly the most successful investor who has ever lived, he is actually a business philosopher.Any investor that wishes to understand the workings of the stock market (information here) must read this book.Quite simply, every other serious investor has already devoured their copy.It is also worth noting that legislation has been tightened significantly which, hopefully, means that an investor is less likely to be defrauded by management. That said, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham was still the first book to suggest and detail investment analysis.It also explains much about the approach and mindset that a successful investor should have. Another very important concept detailed in the book is that investment should be "businesslike", even for the amateur investor.Buffett The Making Of An American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein is an interesting read which was very much ahead of it's time.When first published in 1995, it was offering a profile that was very much required.It is well worth a read - and if you want to see some of Buffett's pearls of wisdom, it is a much quicker read than his many annual reports at Berkshire Hathaway.It will also give you an insight into how Buffett lives.

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