War Inevitable Essay

The immigrants worked in factories and built railroads of the north (Enduring Visions, 250-253). Southerners therefore opposed high tariffs, or taxes that were placed on imported goods and increased the price of manufactured articles.

The south, resisting industrialization, manufactured little. The manufacturing economy of the North, on the other hand, demanded high tariffs to protect its own products from cheap foreign competition (Enduring Vision, 251...

The three components that contributed to this complexity was the shift away form small-scale, largely subsistence farming by substantial numbers of northerners; the migration of thousands of white Americans and black slaves, and the renewal of slavery as a viable economic system.

Together, these triggered a sharpening conflict between economic interests, social classes and regions that were frequently manifested in party politics.

Several factors played in to the American Civil War that made it have the outcome that it did.

Although the South had better trained officials due to their military school, the North was far more advanced than they.

After Independence, the complexity of the American society grew.

If war were inevitable, there would be little point in trying to end it.

If war were inevitable, a moral case might be made for trying to lessen its damage while it continued.

A nuclear arsenal does not deter (and can facilitate) a terrorist attack, but police, justice, education, aid, nonviolence — all of these tools can complete the elimination of war.

What could begin it would be bringing the world’s biggest investors in war down to the level of those below them, and ceasing to arm others through global weapons dealing. back to the Chinese level of investing in war, and then the two of them back to the Saudi level, and so forth, would likely create a reverse arms race that would render verbal persuasion of the case for abolishing war superfluous and much more persuasive.

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