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Watching the film on Blu-Ray, my experience was reminiscent of watching both (1992) on an HDTV.It is, without a doubt, a sensual, awe-inspiring experience, which also makes it a difficult film to write about.Criticism is often practiced as a form in which an individual attempts to write objectively about a subjective experience.How, given that limitation, can you describe the emotions an image or combination of images affected you?

This is certainly not to say that her verbal abuse is somehow equal in magnitude to rape, as this is not the case, but if the director is satirizing Gennarino’s actions, then it is incredibly ironic that the communist, who ostensibly fights for a classless society, sets up a diminutive sexist hierarchy as soon as the reigns are his to snap.(2)This is an engaging interpretation, and later in her essay, Ms.Grabowski explains that to interpret this “societal mockery” as purely subversive detracts from the film’s message as a whole (4).As the trio gets closer and closer to civilization, their relationships to one another begin to shift, producing life-altering consequences. That said, given Nic Roeg’s previous background as a famous cinematographer ( is a visual, poetic experience; it can be considered what some film theorists and historians would classify as “pure cinema.” Essentially, the philosophy of most filmmakers practicing pure cinema is that narrative is not the primary defining characteristic of the cinema.Rather, film is defined by its medium specific properties: the ability to capture motion photo realistically and the ability to combine separate shots and sequences into a visceral experience.It is this intentional severance which Roeg is highlighting in this film and he gives no real suggestions for solving the problem.in neat little boxes of “misogynistic” or “pseudo-feminist,” with little consideration of how the themes are used in the movie, particularly whether or not the sexism in the film—Gennarino states outright, “Women were meant to serve men” (Wertmüller 59 min.)—is presented in a negative or positive light.To throw completely off the mantle of civilization is to lose its benefits along with its issues, and this principle can also be applied to capitalism, which, though quite imperfect, has some admirable qualities.This is perhaps the message of Wertmüller’s film, that critical analysis and alteration of the status quo is a better path than starting again from attempt to subvert civilization as it is today, but to force their audiences to think critically on societal issues with an objective morality, without romanticism or hatred of different concepts in their entirety, and by union of the most beneficial aspects of each system to create an objectively better world.(1971) is one of those films that one could justifiably write either briefly or at great length about.The script, an adaptation of James Vance Marshall’s novel, was rumored to have been between 14 and 60 pages and can be effectively summarized in three sentences.

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