Wake Forest University Essay

Fortunately, faculty “are extremely helpful and excited to be teaching or meeting with students one-on-one.” In fact, 59 percent of the class of 2017 received academic credit for faculty-directed research.

Indeed, “from the students to the faculty and staff to the administrators, everyone is open and greets everyone with a smile.” “Overall I’ve had a fantastic academic experience with professors that have helped me discover my intellectual passions and have had a vested interest in my success,” says a junior.

While Greek life is highly visible here, there are also organizations like the Student Union that “promote other fun aspects of campus life (i.e., Movie nights, guest speakers, campus carnivals)” Students take part in “lots of great traditions at Wake Forest, like our annual Shag on the Mag dance in the spring,” “rolling the quad after a big athletic win,” and dinner at the on-campus restaurant Shorty’s.

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