Wake County School Assignments

The options for families and their children vary from public (traditional, year-round, magnet & charter) to private to home schooling.For public school enrollment, Wake County Public Schools creates geographic areas called "nodes".Strong Wake County schools are just one of the many things you'll love about living here.

During year-round calendars, schools are in session all year long, with the exception of short holiday breaks in July and December.Each node is assigned a base school for elementary, middle and high school.Thus for every address, base school assignments are made based on the node that the address is in.These nodes can encompass any number of houses with various boundaries.For example, one side of the street in a neighborhood may be assigned to one node, and the other side of the street may be assigned to a different node.Schools are one of the top reasons why people want to live in the Triangle area.The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) is one of the best school districts in the nation, let alone in North Carolina, which is why our area consistently ranks among the best places to live.If a student is placed in a magnet or calendar option school, that school becomes the assigned school for that student.In the way of nonpublic education, parents in Wake County have the option of private schooling or home schooling.Because this district is growing quickly, a few schools have enrollment caps.In that case, students will attend nearby overflow schools.

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