Voting Is An Important Act Of Citizenship Essay

It disrespects those that fought and struggled for the right to vote and not be discriminated against, because to not vote is to not value the contribution and sacrifice that they made for all of us.

However, it is possible that many people do not value the movements because they are ignored from our own history.

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However, there are thousands upon thousands of individuals who have the ability to vote, and yet do not. That is why it’s important to regularly check if you are eligible to vote in your district.

Discussed below are the key reasons why voting is important. The Millennial generation accounts for one-third of the electorate. Less than 50 percent of eligible young voters ages 18 to 29 cast a vote in 2012. 19 percent of all votes cast in 2012 came from young voters. In 2012, 4 percent more young women voted than young men. Young voters are more likely to support issues such as legalizing same-sex marriage, supporting a pathway to citizenship for immigrants and legalizing abortion than other age demographics. 40 percent of millennials identify as non-white, making them the most diverse voting generation in history. In most communities, the turnout for voting is less than 50 percent. In all, voting is a constitutional right and privilege that Americans have.

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