Virtual Child Assignment

That is, it is a point in time where Sooah understood his environment by representing events as objects (JRank 1).

By 5th grade, he was already a top performer in mathematics with his overall performance surpassing that of his average peers.

During adolescence, Lakshya interacted less with me and had a few mood swings when things didn’t go his way.

This was considered normal emotional development whilst going through teenage years hence I was there to support him, but wasn’t too concerned about his behaviour[ CITATION Eva06 \l 1033 ].

I adopted the style because I was fascinated by the idea that it places the child at the center of parents’ actions.

I believe that an analysis of the work will reveal a goodness of fit between my actions and the changes in my child’s development.

My Virtual Child Divya Joshi U5827326 MY VIRTUAL CHILD 1 Q: As the program ends, what developmental pathways did your child take?

Choose three domains (e.g., physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional…) and discuss your child’s development across the program with reference to the material you have learnt across the course.

By the time 19th months were ending, he had begun doing repetitive exercises.My Child Lakshya displayed great progress in all developmental domains, most notably Emotional, Cognitive and Social.Lakshya went through most of the major milestones in Emotional Development such as showing jealousy and imitating actions and words[ CITATION Car07 \l 1033 ] at the appropriate ages.These behaviors form a reflection of Piaget’s Sensorimotor cognitive development stage as discussed in coursework.The child learns by engaging in motor activities or deciphering sensory impressions (JRank 1).Lakshya passed the test at 12 months, suggesting an advanced cognitive awareness according to Piaget, or a lack of awareness according to Barillargeon.Letting him develop at his own pace with less pressure most likely allowed him to complete the task stress-free and hence improved his performance. Imaginary Companions in Adolescence: sigh of a deficient or positive development? Such a stage where there is operation ability albeit about concrete external objects rather than ideas is the fourth stage or Operational Stage (JRank 1).Between 8 to 19 months, Sooah was very attached to me and would not permit other people to hold him for much longer.It evoked a desire for me to get to learn more not only for the sake of coursework but also for my future engagements.In this paper, I will review my journal as I try to understand the effects of the authoritative type of parenting style that I used.

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