Virginia Governor Bob Mcdonnell Thesis

After the crash, his family real-estate holdings had become a monthly cash drain. But into his life, and Maureen’s, came an angel named Jonnie Williams, owner of a nutritional-supplement firm called Star Scientific.

At their first social encounter, Williams dazzled the Mc Donnells, ordering a ,000 bottle of cognac and offering to speak to his friend Oscar de la Renta about a custom inaugural gown for Maureen. Eventually the Mc Donnells arranged 0,000 in personal and family-business loans, and another ,000 loan to pay the bills for their daughter’s wedding.

At the inaugural ball after he won the governor’s race, the Mc Donnells slow-danced to “Looks Like We Made It.” Mc Donnell had even written his master’s thesis on the breakdown of the American family and ways the Republican Party could build it back up.

Nothing came of the testing plan, and eventually the whole business came to light; in 2014, Bob Mc Donnell was convicted by a federal jury of defrauding the people of Virginia of his “honest services,” and of using “official right” to extort property. That allowed him to remain free pending the Court’s decision—and gave a hint that five justices viewed his case favorably. First, they say, the federal corruption statutes are loosely worded and thus allow prosecutors to go after almost any politician they dislike.This was a boon not easily granted; indeed, one previous governor had required felons seeking restoration to submit “personal essays” explaining why they deserved it. Once a potential Republican vice-presidential candidate, Bob Mc Donnell is now a felon himself.That predecessor, Bob Mc Donnell, will go before the U. His is the story of an ambitious family living beyond its means; of a political marriage shattered by the demands of public life; of financial desperation that, in the presence of temptation, transformed itself into all-but-shameless greed.A family-values social conservative (he got his JD from Regent University), Mc Donnell cleverly wooed Commonwealth voters with his corn-dog “Bob’s for Jobs” campaign slogan and a heavy dose of what appeared to be the TV-perfect brood: five gorgeous kids, including a daughter who served in the military in Iraq, and a devoted, smiling wife who had once been a Washington Redskins cheerleader.Photos: Governors Going to Jail Mc Donnell’s family was emblazoned on his campaign bus and commercials.Mc Donnell’s defense team pinned the couple’s hopes for freedom on persuading the jury that Mrs.Mc Donnell was a lovelorn, possibly mentally ill, “angry,” “manipulative,” “unpredictable,” “deceptive,” “nut bag,” all descriptions of the former first lady that came from defense witnesses, including several of Bob Mc Donnell’s relatives.The fall of the Mc Donnell family (the governor’s wife, Maureen, stood trial with him; her appeal is pending before the Fourth Circuit) had its roots in the financial collapse of 2008.Mc Donnell, an Army veteran and former Virginia attorney general, was bit wealthy when he was elected governor in 2009.Underlying the entire Mc Donnell package in 2009 was a known truth about the governor among political operatives who knew him and believed in him—that unlike the divas and the bullies and the egomaniacs who litter both political parties today, Bob Mc Donnell was just a good guy. Honest.” Republicans in Washington called him “the Boy Scout.”It was that tangible persona, coupled with Mc Donnell’s talent for winning elections, that instantly drew national Republicans to the new Virginia governor and made him easily believable as a potential vice presidential or presidential contender.Mitt Romney made no secret of his interest in having Mc Donnell on his ticket in 2012 and, with the Peanuts Gang hodge-podge that is the current presidential pack for the GOP, there is no doubt that an untarnished Bob Mc Donnell would be a leading 2016 hopeful for Republicans today.

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