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This is because Villanova considers “superscores” when making admissions decisions.Basically, this means that the admissions committee will look at the highest section scores you achieve from all test dates and use these to calculate a new composite, or combined superscore.

Leave a comment with a link to the school’s website below!When looking at colleges, be sure to consider other aspects of fit, such as cultural fit, financial fit, and location.Admissions essay coaching encompasses all aspects of the personal statement such as brainstorming, suggesting a structure, and editing drafts.Given VU’s 25th-75th percentile ranges shown above, students accepted generally score higher than 90 to 96 percent of all students nationwide.However, it’s important to keep in mind that the admissions committee at Villanova is interested in more than just test scores.Step 2: Add every school you’ll be applying to into your Common App account.All prompts for all schools should be uploaded by August 15th.Step 3: Gather all of your supplemental essay topics.You can find these under the "writing" section for each college you've added.We call those bad boys “supplemental essays.” While most of these essays are required, it’s a good idea to plan to submit those “optional” essays when given the chance, too.So to make your college essay life a lot easier, here is the best way to find out what prompts you’re ACTUALLY tackling, as well as a big (but not exhaustive) list of schools that have updated and published their supplemental essay prompts for the 2019/2020 admissions cycle.

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