Villanova Admissions Essay

And in the College of Engineering, the Joseph Di Giacomo Internship with the Center for Advanced Communication is geared toward students interested in signal processing and wireless communications.

Can you think of a specific interaction you had with someone that shook you at your core or turned your beliefs upside down?Known for being a basketball powerhouse, Villanova University (located in Pennsylvania) has developed an equally impressive reputation for academics.The school’s admissions standards have continued to rise, and there is a “great support system” in place to help students achieve, between professors, advisors, tutors, research librarians, as well as a writing, math, and language learning center.When can you remember thinking about someone’s life or experiences as being completely unfamiliar and completely fascinating?And what have you learned from these kinds of relationships? It is also a prompt with endless potential for invention and imagination. Think about it, your goals for the future can branch out to so many different areas of your life — professional, academic, social and more.Many buildings are new or have been recently renovated, and “most residence halls are really impressive and kept up very well.” Most of campus “has a focused atmosphere during the week,” but come Thursday afternoon, “you can feel campus relax and people are more likely to go out,” mainly off campus.During basketball season, “people get their work done early to flock to the [Pavilion] for games.” Almost everyone is involved in at least one (but probably more) extracurricular activities and clubs, and “a ton of students get involved with intramurals or club sports teams, as well.” The Campus Activity Team puts on different events over the weekend, including “a cinema that is always showing a movie,” and the school also offers great service experiences, whether “week-long service break experiences all over the world, cheering on the athletes at Special Olympics Fall Festival, or driving into Philly to play with kids and help them with their studies.” Formals are also “a big deal” on campus.Are you the kind of person that is open to learning new things and entertaining ideas that perhaps you haven’t considered before?That is what Villanova wants to know from your answer to this prompt.In the School of Business, for instance, the Spring Accounting Internship Program gives junior accounting majors the chance to work full-time at an accounting firm during tax season.Students who intern through the program can then stay on track to graduate in four years by taking courses in the summer.

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